Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chicago Families Enjoyed Dolphin-Assisted-Therapy in Nuevo Vallarta!

What an incredible year 2009 was for Cultural and Educational Productions Assoc.,CEPA! We had the privilege to take a group of 25 people to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, to do Dolphin-Assisted-Therapy. The families loved being with the Dolphins and the therapy was extremely successful for the children. Everybody bonded!
Carlos Villagomez has Cerebral Palsy,his attenion span improved after Dolphin-Assisted-Therapy(DAT). He had a lot of fun with the dolphins and his Dad, Alfredo Villagomez.

The happiness of the families is shown while exploring Puerto Vallarta.

Marissa Bloodgood has Down Syndrome and she was very enthusiastic to feel the dolphin's skin with the help of her mom Cynthia Bloodgood and Lydia.

Brian Andres Diaz has Autism and he was extremely relaxed and happy while being with the dolphins. After DAT he became more attentive and improved his listening skills.

Alexis Mendiola has Hypotonia.Through DAT his eye focused improved as well as his movement. He experienced tranquility while being with the dolphins.

Oscar Camarena has Cerebral Palsy, his socialization skills, walking and liveliness improved tremendously after DAT. Oscar got lucky and had two dolphins that wanted to help him out!

Cesar Montoya has Autism and trouble with his vision. Sylvia was holding him so he can interact with the dolphin and receive DAT. Cesar's speaking capability has improved while doing DAT.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dolphin-Assisted Therapy

The happy families Mendiola, Bloodgood, Diaz, Guzman-Villagomez, Montoya, Camarena, Almeida-Rodriguez, and Mora have all gone to Mexico to do Dolphin-Assisted Therapy (DAT). The dolphins have continuously helped special-needs children.

Noe Fernandez - Autism

Lupita Heredia - Cerebral Palsy

Cesar Montoya - Autism