Monday, June 6, 2011


Throughout the years, the hearts and lives have significantly changed in children, young adults and their parents by merely being in the presence of dolphins. Around dolphins, each person felt a great amount of joy, laughter, peace and unconditional love. Everyone experienced various levels of rehabilitation physically and emotionally.

Alexandra, 19, who has Fibrous Dysplasia Ossificans, conquered her pain with the help of the dolphin therapy. Her smile says it all!

Adrian, 5, has Autism and due to DAT his language improved. He celebrates being with the dolphin. His enthusiasm is contagious!

Alexis, 4, has Hypotonia and was unable to focus his eyesight. Sylvia and Alexis are connecting for the very first time through eye-to-eye contact. Sylvia experiences the most gratification for Alexis’ wonderful achievement!

Josias, 4, has Global Delay. He relaxes and is more attentive during DAT. Josias desires more time with the dolphin as he says good-bye.

Sari, a wonderful volunteer, radiates excitement by being with the dolphins and experiencing so much satisfaction to witness the joyous children and young adults.

The children and parents are in awe watching the dolphins!

Sylvia's happiness is shown by the accomplishments of the children with the dolphins. We did it! (Terapia 32

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dolphin-Assisted-Therapy (DAT) Never Ceases To Amaze Us!

In 2010, all the children and parents that came with us to Dolphin-Adventure, in Nuevo Vallarta, showed incredible improvements.

Adrián Díaz enjoys bonding and being up close and personal with the dolphin. Adrián has Autism and after DAT, he has shown an increase in his attention span.

Oscar and his Dad, Rogelio Camarena, both connect with the dolphin. Rogelio explains to Oscar how dolphins can show unconditional love, as the dolphin participates in their interaction.

Alexandra Rodriguez has Fibrous Dysplasia Ossificans, which is a debilitating disorder in which soft tissue becomes bone. Her disorder left her in intense pain. Miraculously, the dolphin instinctively knew exactly where to provide his sonar. Following DAT, Alexandra's pain was nonexistent, which influenced her life in a very positive way.

Daniel Mora has Autism and is uneasy around others. Sylvia Tencer and the trainers, Laura and Antonio, were motivating Daniel to understand the anatomy of the dolphin. In the presence of the dolphin, he experienced a more relaxed state around others and improvements in his language. Overall, he demonstrated an increase in his cognitive abilities.